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If you have pain or limitation and live in Greenville-Spartanburg SC, then call the rehab experts at Purposed Physical Therapy at (864) 881-1712 or you can fill out our New Patient Form by clicking HERE and we will call you!


While all of our Physical Therapists are highly qualified to treat every injury and patient that comes at Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC, they have been deemed experts in treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions across all ages and patient populations, and have also uniquely been deemed specialists in the management and rehabilitation of injuries that affect athletes. 

Our Phyiscal Therapists are greatly sought after for their ability to implement Innovative Manual and Therapeutic Corrective Strategies to achieve patient goals. Our Physical Therapists maintain their knowledge on a constant basis in order to continue to provide excellent quality of care for their patients. Furthermore, they use their passion for fitness and their experience with Olympic, Professional, Collegiate, and Youth Sport Athletes to continually bring the newest techniques and knowledge to their clinic and their local Greenville community!

 All of our Physical Therapists graduated with their Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from top Universities with academic honors; participated and published numerous research articles; received local and university physical therapy awards; and represented their Universities at many national and local physical therapy conferences.


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