The belief that painkillers are needed to fix pain is acommon issue in today's medical world. In Greenville SC, too many patients are given unnecessary pain medications for their symptoms (pain, burning, numbness, tingling, etc.), because this never really addresses the patient’s source of their symptoms. 

You are essentially putting a “band aid” on the problem, instead of finding the MAIN CAUSE of the problem. And sometimes the main cause might not even be in the location where you are having your symptoms.
Painkillers provide temporary relief, giving false hope, and they are often why people end up returning to the doctor’s office multiple times for the same pain or injury. 

These multiple trips to the doctor, and the prolonging of injury recovery, is why many individuals develop chronic pain issues. The longer an individual has symptoms and the longer their injury remains, then the longer it takes to recover from this injury. This is due to secondary pathologies that develop when an individual has symptoms and/or an injury for a long period of time.
What would be better is if once you develop these abnormal symptoms, you immediately go see your physical therapist who can properly screen you and determine THE CAUSE. The sooner a patient comes into physical therapy, the quicker we can address the cause of the symptoms (and avoid secondary pathologies). Thus, the faster you recover, the longer you stay recovered, and the quicker you can return to the life you want.
Also, physical therapists are experts in clinical decision making and systematical review of musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal pathologies. If after screening a patient and a physical therapist finds “red flags,” then a competent physical therapist will know to refer you to your doctor for further examination.



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