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Sports Rehabilitation

If you have pain or limitation and live in Greenville-Spartanburg SC, then call the rehab experts at Purposed Physical Therapy at (864) 881-1712 or you can fill out our New Patient Form by clicking HERE and we will call you!


Are you an injured athlete looking to return to your sport? It doesn't matter if your injury is recent, old, or constantly occurring, you can improve!

Sports Rehabilitation is an area of physical therapy where our physical therapists blend physical therapy and sports performance together in order to help an athlete overcome their injury and return to sport greater than previously injured. Once an athlete is no longer injured, or no longer needs sports rehabilitations, then they can transition into sports performance.

At Purposed Physical Therapy, Greenville SC the physical therapists prioritize the importance of treating the entire patient. Our goal is to not only help alleviate and correct your conditions, but give you lasting empowerment and education to keep your symptoms away!

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