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Focused on providing one-on-one physical therapy doctoral level care and innovative manual therapy techniques (soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, dry needling, cupping, graston, etc.), Purposed Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy in Greenville, SC helps you get better quicker. Our unique structure allows us to make each physical therapy & massage therapy treatment longer (60 minutes per visit), which promotes faster recovery and fewer visits overall.

We are distinguished from other physical therapy & massage therapy clinics in Greenville, SC due to our effective outcomes working with the athletic population of Greenville and surrounding areas, with a focus on working with CrossFitters, powerlifters, body builders, dancers, runners, martial artists, and the school athlete. We are a sought out physical therapy and massage therapy clinic nationally due to our experience working with collegiate and professional athletic organizations, as well as Olympic athletes from the USA, France, British Virgin Islands, American Virgin Islands, and Jamaica during 2016 and 2020 (2021)!

We also offer successful sports rehabilitation and sports performance. In Greenville, SC we are the acknowledged experts in orthopedic diagnoses and sports injuries with particular focus in enhancing your athletic prowess

Unless you have Medicare, you do not need a referral for the first 30 days to access our services, but a referral must be obtained within 30 days as a SC State Law to continue care. Medicare requires a referral before being seen as a patient. If you need help getting a referral from a doctor in Greenville, SC, our physical therapists can help you with that! Because our physical therapists and massage therapists are well respected, we know doctors in the Greenville, SC area who do walk-in visits for our patients. No referral is EVER needed if you are being seen for Self-Pay or Massage Therapy! 

We are currently accepting new patients for physical therapy and massage therapy! Call us at (864) 881-1712 to find out if we are still accepting for each month. If you do not want to use your insurance, then we do provide self-pay visits for a cheap cash rate!

You can also use your HSA or FSA to pay for any services here regardless of who your insurance provider it!

If you do not have Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Molina, or Medicare insurance, or an HSA card, or you are uninsured; don't worry, you can still come see the physical therapists & massage therapists at Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC! In those situations we provide either self-pay or out-of-network services. Self-Pay cannot be submitted towards insurance. But with our out-of-network visits, you can submit your invoices towards your insurance deductible, and once met then towards reimbursement back into your pocket! We choose to be out-of-network with certain insurances in order to provide the excellent quality we are known for in Greenville SC. In fact, with the insurances we are out-of-network with, it is usually better and cheaper for 90% of those patient to see us out-of-network rather than if they were to used their insurance benefits at another Greenville, SC clinic! Call us at (864) 881-1712 and we can help you figure out the best options for you!

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There are three common types of headaches: tension, migraine, and cluster headaches. Among the three types, tension headaches are the most common form and they are often the result of stress or fatigue. In addition to tension, fatigue and stress, factors that have been associated with the onset of headaches include prolonged desk work or manual labor, dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits, and even poor posture.
Posted on 2021-12-01

SHOULDER REPLACEMENT Complete Surgical Guide

SHOULDER REPLACEMENT Complete Surgical Guide
Shoulder joint replacement surgery (also called shoulder arthroplasty) is not as common as replacement surgeries for the knee or hip joints. Still, when necessary, this operation can effectively ease pain from shoulder arthritis. Most people experience improved shoulder function after this surgery.
Posted on 2021-11-27


Sometimes it may seem as if a basketball player can defy the laws of gravity with a wicked dunk or jump shot.  Almost everyone can remember Michael Jordan propelling himself through the air, almost as if he was climbing an invisible stairway, straight to the basket.  However, regardless of how graceful a basketball player may seem, it is important to know, no one can fly, and it only looks incredible until you come falling back down to Earth. Basketball injuries are easy to get. ...
Posted on 2021-11-24
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