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If you have pain or limitation and live in Greenville-Spartanburg SC, then call the rehab experts at Purposed Physical Therapy & Massage, Greenville SC at (864) 881-1712 or you can fill out our New Patient Form by clicking HERE and we will call you!


Here at Purposed Physical Therapy & Massage in Greenville, SC we look for high-quality students and staff.

Unfortunately we are not currently hiring office staff, Ortho PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs, LMTs, or taking on students at this time.



However, we are currently hiring the following position:

1) Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist


Description: Purposed Physical Therapy is looking to add staff with equal personality, values, and skills. We are the #1 PT Clinic in Greenville, SC because of our family-feel staff of highly skilled, but fun and goofy, Physical Therapists. If you have ever wanted to work with an outgoing team of expert PTs in a non-corporate setting where you can focus on quality, give 1-on-1 care for an entire 60 minutes, have a 15 minute block between each patient (so you can do your documentation, prep for next patient, etc.), have a lot of freedom and flexibility in your schedule, and see a diversity of patients and injuries, but mainly work with the active and athletic population, then you should apply! We also provide competitive pay and benefit options! More details about the job given upon email request.


Apply: Send an email to PurposedPhysicalTherapy@gmail.com with your resume, a little about yourself, and what you feel like you can bring to the clinic. Deadline for application is April 30th.

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