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If you have pain or limitation and live in Greenville-Spartanburg SC, then call the rehab experts at Purposed Physical Therapy at (864) 881-1712 or you can fill out our New Patient Form by clicking HERE and we will call you!


Put It Simply: We are a Faith-based clinic with Faith-based ethical standards! We want to reflect Christ in what we do and in how we treat our patients! Read below on how we try to accomplish this!


Purposed Physical Therapy has quickly risen as the #1 physical therapy clinic in Greenville SC. This is because we are founded on the belief that every patient deserves 60 minutes of doctorate-level, one-on-one physical therapy care every visit; and they should have th freedom to use or not use their health insurance to get this type of quality. Furthermore, we believe every patient should be examined beyond just their area of complaint, but that there should be a head-to-toe assessment during every evaluation to get to the source of their injury.

The current large physical therapy company business model does not allow for the type of high-quality, individualized care that Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC is committed to giving. Those large companies force physical therapist to juggle 3-6 patients at the same time, only allowing 10-15 minutes of quality therapist-to-patient interaction each visit.

Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC looks to challenge that norm! We decided to branch away from working for corporate companies and have our staff start working for our patients!

Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC also believes that seeing a physical therapist should be easily accessible to everyone! So you can see us without a referral for the first 30 days! Our model has proven to provide a superior quality-of-service to get you better faster! 

Our Mission is to empower and inspire our patients to take control of their health and wellbeing, through education, movement, and self care so that they can lead long, healthy, and meaningful lives.

Our Vision is to help give every individual the ability to reclaim (or reach) their lives' desired purposes for their life by improving the way they feel, move, and function. And to help local athletes in achieving greatness in their sport by providing expert training that's focused on their best performance, while also providing education on how to prevent injuries.

Our Goal is to prevent individuals from unnecessary surgeries, medication, and injections! We want to return you back to the life you were living before ever having pain, while also focusing on ways to avoid future injuries!


Are you ready to get back to life & activities you are passionate about? Purposed Physical Therapy would love to work with you so you can achieve those purposes!

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