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If you have pain or limitation and live in Greenville-Spartanburg SC, then call the rehab experts at Purposed Physical Therapy at (864) 881-1712 or you can fill out our New Patient Form by clicking HERE and we will call you!


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Physical Therapy promotes wellness, mobility and independent function. The physical therapists at Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC have advanced understanding of how the body moves, what keeps it from moving well and how to restore mobility.

Are you tired of taking pain medication, getting injections, doing exercises that don't work, or being fearful of eventually needing surgery?

Physical Therapy can help you, family members, friends, and colleagues with any condition where you have pain, tightness, numbness/tingling, poor posutre, difficulty moving, or balance issues that limit your ability to perform normal daily work, exercise and activities. Our clinic can help you feel better, do more, and return to the life you want!

Is Physical Therapy for Me?

Physical Therapists are experts on movement and function.  At Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC, our physical therapists are skilled at assessing and managing a range of conditions including:

Your Physical Therapist at Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC can also help you to prevent most of the above conditions by offering advice on posture, exercise, workplace and lifestyle habits.

At Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC your physical therapist work as part of a team with you and sometimes other health care providers or sports coaches.  The success of your physical therapy program usually requires your co-operation outside of our physical therapy clinic.  You will probably be required to participate in an exercise program or some modifications to your postural or lifestyle habits.  Your dedication to your physical therapy "homework" will greatly enhance the outcome of your physical therapy program and will help you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

You can expect your physical therapist at Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC will follow the system below to ensure your time in physical therapy and at home is used effectively to reach your goals:

  • Assess your symptoms. 
  • Diagnose your condition.
  • Plan your treatment.
  • Treat your condition.
  • Continually evaluate the effect of treatment on your condition and adjust the treatment plan if necessary.
  • Help you to manage your condition at home and to prevent reoccurrence of problems.
  • Communicate with any other health professionals involved with your condition, such as your doctor, to ensure a united approach to achieving your goals.

At Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC our physical therapists keep up-to-date with the latest in medical and sports science research to help them select treatments that have been scientifically proven to help your condition.  This is called "Evidence Based Practice".

Some of the treatments that our physical therapist at Purposed Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC may use include:

What to Expect as a New Patient?  


Make Purposed Physical Therapy your first choice for Physical Therapy in Greenville, SC!

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